Digital Notion loves to work with small businesses and individuals, helping them to scope, design, develop and scale bespoke creative tools that deliver measurable commercial results. We also hate jargon. But love coffee.


We work with some pretty talented people and consider ourselves very fortunate to have a lot of next-gen talent with us. They have all the know-how to bring our app collaborations to life.

Building creative, digital tools to supercharge businesses can be achieved using different platforms and programming languages and at Digital Notion we’re fluent in all of the latest tech which allows us to empower organisations to scale with incredible speed at a fraction of the cost.



We all had to adapt, last year has made Zoom & Teams meeting the new normal. Not everyone has a state of the art office that they can display as a background. We have an amazing affordable solutions to create your branded office of your choice: https://my-digital-notion.myshopify.com/

Native Mobile Development

When it comes to mobile applications, we don’t just develop applications for one specific platform. We create mobile applications for both Android and iOS, unless otherwise instructed by our clients.

Hybrid Mobile Development

In the main, using two main technologies - Flutter and React Native, however, we do not limit ourselves to just these. Making use of various mobile technologies allows us to seamlessly create mobile applications for both iOS and Android (hybrid).

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

The number of technologies we can make use of is truly endless. Integrating a variety of different technologies to carve out the very best web experiences for our customers.

PHP, MySQL, C#, C++

Along with the standard technologies we make use of for web development we also make use of a few newer technologies to create advanced, dynamic dashboards, web applications and single page applications (SPAs).


When it comes to seamlessly creating applications for both iOS and Android, Flutter is the industry go-to! Flutter works better than most cross-platform mobile programming frameworks and we just love it.

React Native

When intense interaction is needed by the user and the application we make use of React Native for our mobile applications.


We’ll advise you on the scope, budgeting, planning and risk management aspects of your app project. A project without a guiding hand will almost always lead to wasted money and opportunity.

So, in a nutshell, what can an app do for your business?

An app is not for everybody but a well thought out, crisply designed app in the hands of the right business offers the potential for increased revenues and customer base size, improved marketing channels, super fast customer engagement and improved customer service along with super easy access to analytics data. There is a very good reason why some of the largest companies in the world are using apps right now. It’s a no-brainer…

It all starts with a conversation!

Have a great idea for an app but no idea where to start? Let’s chat! We offer a free, no-risk consultation to discuss your options and how we can help you.

Address: UK but across the globe.

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We want to help you!

We at Digital Notion will help you through this difficult time, due to COVID 19, we have had to re-think and change our existing strategies, and to do that we want to help your small or medium business with the planning of your digital product. Need inspiration, no problem! – Drop us a message.