Midlife Coach is an app tailored to a very specific group – top executive women functioning at the highest levels in business but also dealing with the challenges that the menopause brings. Building a detailed picture using real time data…

The app allows for ease-of- life-integration, meaning that simple notifications pop-up at times set by the users to fill out daily surveys. These surveys produce a dataset, building a detailed picture of user behaviours and experiences, allowing their coach to provide them with best next steps and supporting advice. The behavioural data is used to best effect for their 1-2-1 meetings.

The ability to capture all data in one central location is the real benefit of this hybrid mobile application. The coach is also able to act immediately on the information provided by these (very busy) women. Acting immediately on data supplied by the mentees helps the coach provide a real personal touch which has been made possible with real-time data.

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