A killer mobile app isn’t just available to FTSE 500s you know – we work with small & medium businesses across the country and we are happy to talk about flexible budgeting, profit shares to avoid costly up front capital outlay or joint ventures.

Flexible BFF. 🤍

We will always find a way to work with people we like – this is a big part of Digital Notion’s culture. This doesn’t have to break the bank and should be a solid investment – not wasted marketing spend!

We love a win-win situation for our clients and (without sounding cliché) our relationship in the app creation process really is one of partnership. 

We are always keen to find flexible ways of bringing your app to life in a way that works with your budgets.

These all started with a flicker of an idea…

It always starts there… We’d love to help you transform your idea into a smart app-based solution.  We succeed when our clients succeed. We want to partner with our clients and enjoy their success in increased sales, awareness and customer delight.

Midlife Coach

App Strategy, Design & Development


App Strategy, Design & Development

Meta Tribe

App Strategy, Design & Development


App Strategy, Design & Development


App Strategy, Design & Development


App Strategy, Design & Development


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Have a great idea for an app for your business but no idea where to start? Seen an app you love and that you think would work well for your business? Then let’s chat.

It all starts with a conversation!

Have a great idea for an app but no idea where to start? Let’s chat! We offer a free, no-risk consultation to discuss your options and how we can help you.

Address: UK but across the globe.

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We want to help you!

We at Digital Notion will help you through this difficult time, due to COVID 19, we have had to re-think and change our existing strategies, and to do that we want to help your small or medium business with the planning of your digital product. Need inspiration, no problem! – Drop us a message.