A software house inhabited by app designers and creators who are energetic, passionate (yuck, we hate that word as it’s so over-used but we are certainly zealous and eager)… and totally up to speed with the latest tech.

We are Digital Notion.

We are a friendly, dynamic team specialising in the creation of mobile apps.

We work with some truly amazing tech professionals from different parts of the world but here is a quick introduction to the core team helping its clients reimagine their business with app-propelled tools…

Next-Gen: Digital Notion prides itself on hiring young, highly-skilled, emerging talent – the Next-Gen (eration). They are absolutely current with the latest technologies, programming languages and digital strategies. For you, this means a reduction in project cost and faster project delivery times.

Dunja Rombouts

Dunja AKA “Dee”, is a multi-discipline business owner and straightforward communication is her forte! So lucky to have a leader as dedicated as her - always leading from the front.

Michel Rombouts

Passionate about working with next gen talent, Michel has been in the agency world since his first year at university, working on purpose-driven transformation projects for giants like EY and Capgemini.

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Stacey Nunez

Very much a part of that next gen talent group, Stacey has been working for innovation incubators since her first year at university and continues to stay way ahead of the tech curve for Digital Notion.

Carla Orr

Carla is a digital Guru. With her Masters in Design, she is able to design everything from 3D offices right down to the most functional UI/UX platforms for our.

We really love and enjoy creating mobile and web apps that digitally supercharge our clients’ businesses. Yes, really!

There are lots of reasons you should consider an app for your business; improved efficiencies, healthier sales revenues, accurate analytics, inventory audits, more opportunity to up your customer service game and direct marketing channels for those promotions, all with a fantastic app!

Apps aren’t suitable for just anybody though and we’re always keen to speak to potential clients first to make sure they’re not burning cash on an app that won’t serve their business. 

Our time, your money - both extremely valuable and finite commodities.

You probably have some great ideas. We have the tech know-how to bring them to life. We think a chat is in order.

It all starts with a conversation!

Have a great idea for an app but no idea where to start? Let’s chat! We offer a free, no-risk consultation to discuss your options and how we can help you.

Address: UK but across the globe.

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We want to help you!

We at Digital Notion will help you through this difficult time, due to COVID 19, we have had to re-think and change our existing strategies, and to do that we want to help your small or medium business with the planning of your digital product. Need inspiration, no problem! – Drop us a message.